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Beso's guide was amazing))) I'll wash it at the end of the tour it wasn't Chacha anymore)))
To Kyrgyzstan (read - Kyrgyzstan) to everyone!
Unparalleled friendliness, hospitality and untouched natural beauty in one bottle. The variety of landscapes seen during the week gives the impression that I spent at least a month here. Majestic mountains, rugged rivers, waterfalls, canyons, graceful horses, blooming steppes and the “pearl” of Lake. Issyk-Kul is in my heart forever!
Thanks to the guys for the friendly welcome, for their care both during and after our trip:) For getting to know the delicious national cuisine and generous treats, which required fasting days:) For organizing many activities that can be safely called an adventure trip! For discovering and fulfilling an old dream - to visit the poppy field! And what is more important (a word from the Ministry of Emergency Situations:)), thank you for the safety and comfort during the trip! It was a great time!
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A memorable trip! Thanks to a well-designed tour program, this colorful country revealed to me its diversity of landscape and imperial history, as well as unexpectedly well-groomed cities. Special respect to our guide, Svetlana! Clever, beautiful, the lighter demonstrated high competence, sparkling humor and sense of proportion for five days. Svetik has recharged our entire group with her energy for the whole summer! Read more
Hello Zara. We are grateful for the “reset”. You rebooted us, so rebooted!!!! I'm still overwhelmed with emotions. The tour is thought out to the last detail. Special thanks to Magomed for his attentive attitude, for the driver's professional qualities, for his speed and safety. The hotel is small, very cozy, with tasty, hearty breakfasts. The guide Zaza exceeded all our expectations. He told us about his country and the people living in it in a very interesting and informative way, with great love. We fell in love with Georgia. Expect to visit us again. Read more
The tour is conveniently organized, and hotel accommodation helps to recuperate after a day of hiking along beautiful, but not the easiest paths for a citizen. We got to the end of May and the beginning of June, the weather was good, the heat only arrived in the last couple of days, and it rained at night.
Nikolay designed our routes so that the balance of ascents and descents was in our favor) The views were excellent, in some places we wanted to stay for a long time or for good. There are few tourists, so we got all the beauty of nature, watching birds, insects, spiders, mountain goats and all sorts of vegetable curiosities!
Breakfasts depend on the hotel (ratings range from almost nothing to excellent), lunch was mostly delicious, local cuisine, and dinner either in a cafe or just with goodies.
I advise you to listen very carefully to Nikolai's advice regarding equipment, uncomfortable shoes or the absence of a raincoat in a downpour are unlikely to be compensated by even the most beautiful views around.
If you are not an avid hiker, it will be difficult to keep up with the guide, but he controls all difficult places, waits for the stragglers, and halts. So you can do it!
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Travel expert's answer: Elena, thanks for such a detailed review! See you in the mountains!
I want to express my admiration for Armenia and the tour I have chosen! I rested my soul, enjoyed the magnificent views of the mountains, the Caucasian cuisine is simply amazing!
The tour took place at the end of May and the weather was very pleasant, it was warm and sunny!
Thanks to guide Arthur for interesting information about Armenia, its history, and sensitive attitude towards his country.
The plus point is that the group was small and we did not find large tourist crowds. Therefore, we were able to enjoy the sights in a relaxed atmosphere.
I felt very safe in Armenia!
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Thank you so much for an amazing vacation! A tour “by people for people”. Very nice, empathic organizers, the best program, an unforgettable experience 😍
In 7 days:
He took 141,709 steps, 1561 photos and videos.
5 canyons
2 lakes
3 waterfalls
4 parks
1 yew and boxwood grove
2 abandoned train stations
1 abandoned city
1 amusement park
I am very glad that I chose this vacation tour. I will definitely be back again ❤
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