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Of course, we expected beautiful nature from our trip to Kyrgyzstan and we got it in full. Every day, a new location with unrepeating beauty, so many photos that the phone can't fit. The group was small, which allowed us all to become friends very quickly and then our tour became like meeting good old friends, which added sincerity and joy.

The route is designed in such a way that you hardly meet other people in every location, which allows you to get the most out of what you see.

It is a very friendly country, wherever we moved in, everyone was very happy to see us, regardless of the time we were always warmly welcomed.

Living in Yurts is a very creative idea, which allows you to plunge into nomadic life for a day and be happy to return to ordinary civilization later.

We were completely satisfied with the tour, new experiences and acquaintances will be with us for a long time.
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The hike went just fine. Lots of emotions, lots of interesting landscapes, a new yachting experience. We were lucky with both the wind and the weather. Many thanks to Captain Alexander. A great person with a great sense of humor and a professional in his field. I did not just “ride”, but led the hike, the team and entertained with various interesting things) I recommend this type of recreation to everyone, both active and not so active travelers! More active) take your guitar with you, it will come in handy)) Read more
The tour was very varied and interesting, for places, for people and even for history. We went from civilization to the deepest of history, saw an unreal starry sky and lived among ordinary locals. It is very difficult to assess this, just remember and draw your own conclusions that at home, as always, it's better, but it's warmer there!!! Read more
It was a fantastic trip! South Africa in spring is a delight! Lush greenery, blue ocean, huge waves! For nature lovers and animals, there will be something to be happy about. Penguins, monkeys, whales, dolphins, ostriches, and many other animals in their natural habitat. Wineries not only offer high quality wine, but also aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding scenery! Fine dining and gastronomy restaurants are top here! Read more
Yoga tour September 15-24 Abkhazia 2022.

This is my first time on a yoga tour. The experience is very inspiring!
In general, I realized that the way it was organized is an ideal vacation for me)
The choice of location is just perfect! New Athos: air, sea, mountains, stunning nature, holy places - far from the hustle and bustle of the city. But at the same time, there are a lot of interesting and tasty things nearby) Living in wooden rooms is a special atmosphere) Homemade breakfasts are just a delight! You can feel that the organizers carefully selected the location for the tour according to various parameters.
The training program is very rich and interesting! I love it when you get a lot of different information and constantly switch from one task to another: morning yoga practices, meditation, breathing exercises, seminars on rare exciting topics , amazing psycho-bodily practices, confidential communication in women's circle.
I would also like to mention yoga practices: they were very mild, but quite varied every day. This is really cool!
At the same time, this is one of the few tours I've seen online, where the organizers took into account in advance that people who get to the sea need time to walk, swim, and check out local cuisine) The program was designed correctly in order to have time to see and feel everything. The program also included wonderful excursions to the mountains, Lake Ritsa, Gega waterfall and Sukhumi, which differ from standard tourist routes. It's a lot of fun)
I was very inspired by the atmosphere that developed during the tour! It's been a long time since I felt such sincere communication and support from people who seemed to have just met yesterday.
I would also like to note the attentive attitude and responsiveness of the organizers to any issues of concern. This moment was important for me because I was going on such a tour for the first time.
I would love to go again with full trust and a sense of safety! Many thanks to the organizers! I would recommend my friends and acquaintances to join such a warm and energizing atmosphere)
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In short, everything is SUPER! Thanks!
A wonderful, eventful, beautiful tour in every way. Many thanks to our guide - intelligent, positive and very tactful Almira.
Loved the tour. Transfer, drivers, guides, a well-thought-out route - everything is at a good level. Great feasts together with delicious food and wonderful toasts. Thank you all for the nice company. Read more
Really enjoyed it. It went really well! Thanks to the organizers, we tried very hard to help with everything!
This was my first time on a yoga tour and it was great)). For those who are in doubt, I advise you to try it. I was superficially familiar with yoga and body practices before the trip, but it was interesting to learn more and practice.

Pros (in brief):
1. The environment is people. We warmly remember each participant and our mentors Lucy and Yulia. We're so different but we were relaxed and enjoyed the moment and the conversation (although I'm an introvert, for example:).
2. Program: a lot of interesting practices/yoga/excursions, but there was also time to swimm/sunbathe or be alone.
3. Novelty/Diversity: I liked something very much and will continue to study it myself (psycho-body relaxation practices, yoga, meditation). Something was interesting, but it's not mine yet, maybe I'll come back to it later. Broaden my horizons)
4. Place: Abkhazia is beautiful to tears. An excursion to Lake Ritsa and Gega waterfall is another story.
Cons: it wasn't) Thanks 😊
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