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Antarctica – Peninsula and South Shetlands 11 days
· Antarctica, Ushuaia
Antarctica – Peninsula and South Shetlands 11 days
$ 8 990 / 11 days
16 - 26 Mar 2024

In the last few thousand years, man has explored nearly every corner of the planet, conquered oceans and mountains. There are still places without a beaten path and traces of civilization. The masters feel the penguins, seals, sea leopards, and elephants on tours to Antarctica, which is a trip shrouded in mystery. There's no other place like this on Earth where you can get this kind of experience.

Embark On A Snowy Adventure

Skiing, snowmobiling, and even scuba diving are options for active travelers in the snowy wilderness. When you're in Antarctica, you can:

  • fly over the South Pole and see spectacular snow-covered expansions, glaciers, mountains and icebergs;
  • visit research bases to learn about polar explorers' lives, customs, and achievements;
  • see giant whales and the remains of whaling camps on a whale safari;
  • cross the Drake Passage, the ship graveyard between South America and Antarctica.

A trip to Antarctica includes skiing the South Pole, exploring Queen Maud Land, riding an expedition ship across the ocean, and snowmobiling across the snow-covered plains.

Polar Explorer Stations

The research stations were built by polar explorers who survived years in inhumane conditions on the southernmost continent of the world. In the midst of endless expanses of icy continents, they're like islands of civilization. There are three main research bases in Antarctica today:

  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is one of the most popular tourist spots. It's unique because it's at the exact center of the South Pole. Travelers can see the Earth's rotation axis intersect and learn about scientists' lives.
  • Vostok station was built in 1957. Travelers can't get to it because of the incredibly tough climate, with temperatures never going above -30°C.
  • Union Glacier tent camp is open during the polar summer. Designed to accommodate U.S. aircraft arriving in Antarctica from Punta Arenas.

With icebergs, mountain ranges, freezing temperatures, and frightening winds, the Antarctic Peninsula can be safely called the last wild place on earth. Despite the snowy region's apparent unattractiveness, tourists from all over the world are increasingly visiting its serene, beautiful places.

South Pole Vacations: What's So Great About Them

There's a stereotype that only scientists who go on extreme expeditions can survive in Antarctica. Over the past two decades, more than 50,000 daredevils have been to the South Pole while the timid tourists watched. Today's tourists have a unique chance to see Antarctica:

  • spending the night in the vast expanses of space;
  • get surrounded by icebergs in the Atlantic Ocean;
  • learn about the mysterious life on the mainland.

Various types of activities are included in tours to Antarctica. Tourists can see glaciers, mountain peaks, kayak and scuba dive, and see ice shelves with incredible scenery.

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