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Active recreation is growing in popularity every year, thanks to sedentary lifestyles. Not all tourists like walking, though. There aren't all of us who want to walk dozens of miles a day on narrow paths or pedal bikes. Water tourism is a great way out of this. There's nothing better than rafting on catamarans, rafts and kayaks in the fresh air, but with a touch of adrenaline.

Water-Based Outdoor Activities

Various reservoirs with different characteristics led to different types of watercraft being used for rafting. Among the popular areas of water tourism today are:

  • Kayaking – rafting in small single and double kayaks. Boats like these are great for quiet water and steep rapids.
  • Canoeing – narrow boats that are easy to maneuver. However, they're unstable and require good coordination.
  • Rafting – descending mountain rivers in groups of up to 16. There's excellent stability on the watercraft because tourists are on the sides. There's a lot of interest in this kind of extreme water tourism.
  • Сatamarans – boats like kayaks connected by special crosspieces. For descents on rough torrents, this is the most stable form of water transport.

While rafting is considered extreme tourism, it's quite suitable for unprepared travelers, since you can go down not only a rough mountain, but also a calm plain river with a strong current but no rapids.

What Makes Extreme Recreation So Popular

Every year, extreme water sports get more popular. This isn't just an active way to spend time – it's also:

  • unspoiled trip through picturesque landscapes,
  • powerful rush of adrenaline from the raging water,
  • test of stamina and adaptability,
  • spirit of teamwork and communication among like-minded people.

The benefits of active water recreation can be listed for a long time, but it's better to experience it for yourself.

Complexity Of Water Routes

The variety of water routes makes it easy to relax, exercise, or have an extreme experience. The complexity of rafting affects the peculiarities of the body of water. Routes today fall into two categories:

  1. Simple hike 1-3 categories. It's perfect for travelers without much experience. Training isn't required from participants. Being responsible is the most important thing.
  2. Rafting of the 4-6 difficulty categories. Only experienced people should try this option since it requires physical strength, quick reaction, and teamwork.

Rafting is a great way to conquer the water element and have a good time. Depending on your training level, everyone can choose their own route.

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