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Travelers from all over the world know Georgian hospitality. This colorful country is near the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Winemaking, fun and toast, shashlik, and other delicious local food are all here. Georgia's colorful historical sites and natural attractions make it a popular sightseeing tour destination. Visiting ancient fortresses, dilapidated castles, cave towns and monasteries will leave lasting impressions.

Popular Georgian Resorts

With a healing climate and lots of health resorts, this country offers more than just relaxation. There are a few popular Georgian resorts you should check out:

  • Adjara. There's a lot of beach recreation and urban entertainment in Adjara. Besides boating, you can ride a scooter or a catamaran along the Black Sea coast. You can visit waterfalls and gorges, explore cultural and architectural monuments, and try real Adjara khachapuri.
  • Borjomi. This hospitable country is popular with tourists for recreation. There are a lot of healing springs in balneological resorts in Southwest Georgia. A peaceful and tranquil environment can be found in the gorges, thanks to the lush greenery.
  • Tbilisi. With its narrow cobblestone streets, large business centers and entertainment venues, buried in greenery, the capital city welcomes visitors all year. This place has a lot of restaurants serving traditional Georgian food and wine. In this hospitable region, there are many historical monuments that reveal its centuries-old history.
  • Imereti. The Georgian region is famous for its small villages and towns, tucked into green gorges and valleys. Many ancient churches and monasteries make it a real treasure trove of ancient traditions. The natural scenery is beautiful, the mountain air is clean, and the Georgians are friendly.

There's no bad time to come to Georgia, although the influx of tourists is in summer. Holidays by the sea and sightseeing are popular here. Mountain climbers, horseback riders, and history buffs can all do things here.

Excursion Vacation

Svaneti is a great place to start getting to know historical sights. There are a thousand towers here, the Vardzija cave monastery, the Golden Fleece, and centuries-old traditions here. Georgia's top excursion destinations include:

  • numerous ancient temples,
  • karst caves,
  • rock cities,
  • nobility palaces,
  • monasteries and national parks.

From historical sites to museums with unique artifacts, there's just so much to see, that you won't get bored.

Gastronomic Tourism

In Georgia, you'll find culinary masterpieces that combine sophisticated taste, unusual foods, and many spices. Even though vegetable and meat recipes are simple, cooking them on a charcoal or open fire completely changes their flavor. There should be more attention paid to wine tours in Georgia. Tours to Kakheti – wine region with tons of vineyards. At the local Khareba factory, tourists can sample the best varieties of the drink in the famous Alazani Valley. Travelers will learn about winemaking and have a great time.

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