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Показать еще offers a huge number of tours to Africa. Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many other countries are accessible like never before. Choose your preferred destination and holiday format and go on an adventure.

How to choose tours to Africa?

  • Location. Make sure that the tour includes a visit to the country you are interested in. Some tours are to one country, while tours such as “4 countries in southern Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls” will allow you to visit several countries in one trip. This has its advantages, especially if you want a “test drive”
  • Tour format. Africa is a continent of contrasts. Here you can arrange an organized and “wild” beach holiday, go on a safari, organize an excursion holiday with visits to national reserves, Aboriginal villages and other exciting adventures. Choose whether your vacation will be active or relaxed, with a large group or a few close friends.
  • The beginning and duration of the journey. Some tours to Africa are timed to reflect national holidays or seasonal natural phenomena, so their timing is fixed. If you want to experience these kinds of important events, you may need to adjust your vacation schedule accordingly.
  • Age restrictions. Due to the physical activity involved in some of the Africa tours, it may not be possible for children or the elderly to participate.
  • Finances. Pay attention to what is included in the tour price and what will require additional costs.
  • Medical restrictions. It is imperative to find out whether vaccinations are needed to visit the selected country, and which ones. For example, during a certain season, the risk of malaria increases and may be denied a visa upon arrival.

Benefits of buying tours to Africa from

  1. A wide selection. Choose your tour to Africa based on your personal preferences and interests. Did not find the perfect option? No problem. Contact us, it is possible that we have a tour that has not yet been added to the catalog.
  2. Detailed information. Each tour has its own page with a detailed description. Here you can see the program with details down to what you can do each day. The description is enhanced by photographs. Pay special attention to the level of activity, comfort, the communication language of the tour, and age restrictions. If you need more information, contact the organizer for clarification.
  3. Objectivity. We are dedicated to giving you exactly the experience that you want. That is why in each round you can find reviews of travelers who have already been to Africa with the organizers represented on We don’t censor or edit these reviews, so that you can get the real perspective of past travelers.

We are sure that you will find a great option for traveling to Africa in our catalog. If you did not find a tour that meets your needs, write to us or call +7 (499) 391–8640.

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