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USA Travel Guide: Limitless Adventures and Holidays

There's a country consisting of 50 states on the North American continent – America. Both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans wash over this huge state. With everything from hot Mexico to cool Canada, rugged Alaska to affable Hawaii, the USA has endless vacation options.

America's great resorts and attractions for everyone. With endless amusement parks, interactive museums, oceanariums, and other fascinating places, the country attracts travelers. Tourists of all ages and preferences should check it out.

The U.S. has a huge territory so you can go on small group tours at any time. A clean beach with warm sea water, snow-capped mountain sides, bustling city streets, and quiet nature reserves are what tourists want. It's all available at once. Choosing the right part of the country is key. There's something interesting about every state in America.

What to Do in USA

New York is perhaps the most famous city in the U.S., where you can see the harbor from the flight of birds by climbing the Statue of Liberty. If you want your vacation to be filled with vivid emotions and unforgettable experiences, you have to:

  • Visit the North Slope to see walruses. The coming ashore of thousands of marine mammals is a unique natural phenomenon in Northwest Alaska.
  • Check out Morning Glory's colorful thermal lake. As a result of the large accumulation of microorganisms in the reservoir in Jackson, the water shimmers in different shades.
  • Surf the highest waves in the world on a surfboard. Coastal waves on Hawaii's island of Oahu can reach 30 meters high on its North Shore.
  • Old Faithful, a geyser in Jackson Territory, erupts with puffs of steam and hot water. Every hour and a half, it erupts and reaches a height of 42 meters.

Manhattan is the most interesting and most visited region in the U.S. This big city has a lot of high-rise buildings. Nightclubs, restaurants, and shopping malls are everywhere.

Best Places to Visit in USA

Journey to America should include San Francisco, where life revolves around the clock. Take a look at the Golden Gate, the famous bridge. Try fresh seafood and dip in the ocean at one of the beaches. Former Alcatraz prison, where dangerous criminals were held, attracts a lot of tourists.

Miami is Florida's most popular resort. Around 40 million people visit it every year. Aside from the beautiful beach and the ocean, there are lots of interesting things to do. Take a walk through the unique Royal Palace, designed by a Latvian emigrant.

Stowe ski resort is the most beautiful place in the eastern United States. Tourists come here both winter and summer to get away from it all. However, most people come to the mountainous area to descend one of the 116 trails. There's a full ski infrastructure here.


It's possible to rent a room in America that doesn't meet your expectations since there's no unified official classification. You should also keep these things in mind when visiting the United States:

  • Make a photocopy of your ID card in advance. Don't use the original passport, since it may get lost.
  • Online hotel reservations are better. It's much more expensive to make reservations «at the desk», especially on weekends.
  • Considering the vast distances in America, renting a car is the best way to get around if you're planning a vacation outside the big city.
  • Americans like to figure out the direction to any point by the sides of the world, even on signs they write where west or east is. As a result, it is more convenient to use a smartphone navigator.

Americans have a special tipping situation. It's almost everywhere that tips are left. The guest decides how much incentive to give. Waiters usually get 15 to 20 percent of the check in respectable restaurants. Although a lot depends on where the tourist is staying.

FAQ About Journey in USA

How do I pay in stores and cafes?

Most small shops and coffee shops won't take large bills in the US. It's not because there's no change, but because counterfeiters often fake $100 bills.

Are there any peculiarities to visiting amusement parks?

Any trip to an amusement park in the U.S. should be planned in advance. Due to the influx of tourists and locals, there are long lines on weekends and holidays.

How should time and dates be calculated?

Dates are written backwards in the United States. Before and after noon, time is calculated in 12-hour format. There are so many time zones in America that abbreviations are used instead of numbers.

Can I travel without vaccinations?

The epidemiological situation in the country is fine. Therefore, you don't need any special vaccinations to go to America. It doesn't apply to COVID-19, of course.

Do tourists need health insurance?

Having a policy isn't a prerequisite for visiting America, but it's never a bad idea. A $300,000 policy would cover medical expenses in case of an emergency considering the high cost of medical care.

Is there anything I can't bring into the country?

Any agricultural goods should be refused at customs to avoid problems. When you go to Hawaii, you can't import anything, even stuff you bought here.

What's the crime situation like?

The reputation of America as a criminal country is way overblown. Follow standard rules of conduct and safety, and you won't have to worry about valuables.

How do I deal with muggers?

It's hard to argue with attackers or resort to violence if tourists are attacked. It is best to calmly give the money, and then go to the nearest police station once everything has calmed down. Criminals are usually caught on hot scents.

What dishes should I try?

There's a lot of variety in American cuisine. Wyoming's traditional snack is dried buffalo meat strips, which aren't familiar to tourists. The best dish in high-end Alaskan restaurants is venison steak, which comes from Eskimo cuisine. There's something between dessert and yogurt in a California smoothie.

Is it okay to smoke in public places?

Smoking in public places is illegal in America because of anti-smoking laws. Before booking a table in a restaurant or a hotel room, smokers should ask if designated areas are available. There'll be a big fine for violators.

How's the power grid?

All outlets in America are 110-120 volts. Tourists can't find conventional European outlets. So buy an adapter or a special adapter, depending on your electrical appliances.

What should I bring on vacation?

There's everything a traveler could want in America. Compared to Europe, most goods are much cheaper here. Magnets and figurines are mandatory.

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