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There are some people who like to travel to exotic countries with unique cultures. Some go to conquer mountain peaks. There are travelers who like resort vacations. Tourists also go on vacation to learn about the national cuisine. Gastronomic tours aren't just tasty and unusual, they're interesting, fascinating, and informative too.

Gastronomic Tour's Features

Gastronomy tours aren't like all-inclusive resorts, where you can eat whatever you want. There's a separate tourist destination where people can learn about local cuisine. A culinary journey usually involves:

  • lectures, contests, tastings;
  • cheese factories and wineries;
  • master classes in cooking.

Traveling to learn about a country's cuisine offers a unique experience through full immersion in its culinary traditions. Dishes for tasting are made with only local ingredients and recipes.

Gastrotours In Different Varieties

Cultures from different countries can be explored in many ways. Getting to know the national cuisine is becoming more popular. It's a great way to try new recipes and learn how exotic ingredients are prepared. Travelers from all over the world can take one of these gastrotours:

  • Rural, which is interesting for city people. During the workshop, participants pick berries, mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits from organic farms.
  • Urban, which includes visiting restaurants and factories that make ingredients for meals.
  • Wine is a stand-alone destination where you can visit vineyards and taste popular grape drinks.
  • Cheese that will appeal to those who enjoy the taste of real European cheeses. The tour participants learn how to eat a certain type of cheese alone or with wine.
  • Beer is like wine, but with a foamy drink. Tours to large and private breweries are available.

Despite the popularity of gastro tours in Europe, tourists from other countries are slowly starting to take notice.

Gastronomic Tourism's Advantages

Why are gastronomy tours getting more popular every year among gourmets and ordinary people? It's pretty simple, since this type of recreation:

  • non-trivial, full of tastes you've never tasted before;
  • gives you a taste of the country's or region's unique culinary tradition;
  • allows you to experiment with new spices and ingredients;
  • involves visiting previously overlooked places;
  • offers the chance to buy wine, cheese, and other products encountered on the trip.

Anyone who loves food or likes to tickle their taste buds should go on a gastronomic tour. It's a great opportunity not only to try great food, but also to learn about their history.

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