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We offer bold travelers an innovative tool to choose their adventures and reach their destinations through community, friendships, and
a whole lot of spontaneity.

Is your heart racing already? Because ours is.
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A transformative adventure
Founders Olga & Ivan have traveled to more than 35 countries. Driven by adventure, they’d plan intricate itineraries to experience locations to the fullest extent. But one day, things took a turn for the worst. They faced every traveler’s nightmare all in one location: flight delays, disappointing tour guides, getting finessed by local “experts,” and feeling as if their dream trip was imperiled.

Back at the hotel, they promised never to experience anything like that again. So they searched fora service that would solve their troubles — only to find it didn’t exist.
Somewhere, something, someone — new
Traveling and adventure aren’t just about going somewhere new. Deep connections make more profound experiences, right? With this in mind and lots of hard work, Olga and Ivan developed a tailor-made, tech-backed service that matches travelers with experiences, adventure, and local experts around the world. All while offering compelling itineraries crafted by locals and independent guides.

It all started with a team of two. But today, Tripsider works with more than 50 employees who are just as passionate about travel as their customers.
We believe in boundless travels
Tripsider was created to inspire people to visit adventure filled locations with new friends.
Here are a few other things we believe in:
In our minds, there’s no such thing as being foreign. We help travelers reach and experience their destination with a deep sense of belonging — despite the bureaucracy.
We’re residents of the world.
We make travelers’ experiences simpler with intricate algorithms and experts ready to guide you through the noise. Our tool helps travelers find fascinating experiences and matches them with friendly local experts across the world.
Technology makes travel easy.
Lately, we’ve learned that everything is subject to unexpected change. Well, we have the power to transform change through meaningful bonds and determination. At Tripsider we strive to develop excellently flexible travel for everyone.

Excellency in flexibility.
Who said making friends was hard? We believe the formula to making the world a friendlier place is to embrace our differences. Go on one trip with us and see how many deep connections you can make :)
Fostering friendships.
Let’s work together
Covid-19 has put many travel businesses around the world at risk. At Tripsider, we’re welcoming those passionate about travel to work with us. Whether you’re an independent travel guide, a local expert, or would like to learn more about working with us, please reach out. In the travel community — we stick together!
Our team
Olga Bortnikova
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ian Bortnikov
Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
Evan Mikheev
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
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