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Today's tourists don't have the variety of classic tourist itineraries, so they often do things on their own. For a long time, they stay in countries they like to get to know the culture, learn the language, and see sights that aren't in guidebooks. Tourists who are most active retrain as guides and organize tours over time, gaining experience.

What Is Small Group Tours

A vacation organized by someone with years of experience traveling to unexplored places without using major tour operators. Excursions like these are rare, rich programs, run by people who've spent a lot of time in a particular country, learning its traditions and attractions. It's always fun to go on an excursion prepared by a pro. It's like visiting an old friend in another country, who enthusiastically shows you the best spots. A small group of no more than 10 people makes everyone feel important on individual hikes. In an exciting trip, the guide has time to pay attention to everyone.

Who's Good For Unconventional Itineraries

It's always fun to discover unique locations that aren't on tourist maps on an unconventional vacation. People who would like this kind of excursion:

  • dream of finding an uninhabited island,
  • interested in other people's lives,
  • want to spend the night in the middle of the desert or taiga,
  • want to see temples up close,
  • trying to scale an impregnable peak,
  • plunge into the amazing life of wild tribes,
  • trying to find new adventures all the time.

Small group tours – a vacation to familiarize yourself with the customs, history, and architecture of a new country. Unlike other tours, these take you on something rare and little-known, not the well-trodden path.

Why Are Small Group Tours Popular

Having a well-planned, active program is what makes custom tours popular. Tourists want to see places that aren't as famous as the classics. Tourism for small groups is:

  • Getting together with like-minded people. Whenever you go trekking alone, you're always with people who have the same interests. It's a great way to meet new people.
  • It's a great chance to not be alone in an unfamiliar place. Group trips with an experienced guide are always fun and exciting.
  • This is a great chance to check out the best stores, bars, and restaurants. Catering establishments with local food are part of an individual program.

The vacations are always fun and friendly with professional guides. Non-standard excursion programs aren't just for daytime and evening, but also at night. There's no boredom here!

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