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The peculiarity of beach holidays is that they're seasonal. Travelers can find their own piece of paradise with warm sun, soft sand, and nice surf in summer and winter thanks to the climatic diversity of the planet. Vacationers love sea tours. From a half-hour flight to thousands of miles away, there are tons of places to go. Whatever happens, it's a great chance to spend time with health benefits and have an unforgettable experience.

Popular Types Of Beaches

A variety of climatic zones, seas, bays, and oceans allow you to choose a coastal coverage that's right for you. Beaches at popular resorts are usually:

  • Sandy – the most popular beach. They have white or golden sand that's nice to touch. Especially popular with family tourists because of the gentle entrance.
  • Pebble – popular among divers and lovers of the underwater world. Near the shoreline, the water is crystal clear. Pebbles are great because they don't stick to his feet like sand.
  • Volcanic – covered with sand, only black because of the ash. For travelers who want to rest comfortably as well as take some unusual photos, this is a real exotic.

Stone beaches are also worth mentioning. Because the stones in the water are often covered with silt or algae, they're slippery and dangerous.

Variety Of Destinations

Beach recreation gives you the freedom to choose any resort area around the world. Warm sun is nice for some, hot tropics are nice for others. Some people like soft white sand, some like pebble beaches with clear water and some people love underwater life.

Beach Holiday's Different Sides

Seaside vacations aren't just about lying in a hammock between palm trees, sunbathing and swimming in the warm water. Today, beach holidays offer a lot of fun options. Tourists can do:

  • Yachting. Who doesn't dream of sailing on a luxury yacht. This is an active holiday, so you'll get lots of new impressions.
  • Diving. Quite a popular direction of tourism, which lets you see the underwater world up close.
  • Sport fishing. Fishing rods, harpoons, and spinning rods can all be used to catch trophy fish.
  • Windsurfing. It takes some practice to ride under a sail. Beginners can still master this sport.
  • Water skiing. Rather than a sport, it's an entertainment everyone can enjoy. Keeping the skis balanced is the key when the boat pulls them.
  • Traditional beach games. It's amazing how many emotions you can get from beach soccer or volleyball.

There's nothing like a serene vacation at sea, where it blows a light breeze and splashes gentle waves. There are noisy parties in bars, entertainment shows, and excursions to interesting places.

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