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How to use service?

How it works

At you will find over 1200 tours that can be booked online. By working directly with travel experts, you can avoid the hassle of visiting tour agencies and offices. Travel experts will become your guides in the travel domain showing you familiar places in a new light.
Over 5 years, we have gathered in one place a large community of people sharing their love of travel.

Our travel experts offer you:
  • Unconventional routes that are plotted based on their experience and their knowledge of the most hidden locations so that you would get to know the world in a new way and get familiar with the local culture;
  • The dream trips that have been planned for you. Every part is meticulously planned down to the minute detail and all activities are custom-fitted to your needs and interests;
  • You are offered the chance of resetting in the company of your soul mates and people you can identify with.

Why of all things?
  • We vet each travel expert prior to posting his or her tours on the website. We assure the safety of your travel and pick out the highest quality small group tours.
  • You can contact a travel expert and ask all pertinent questions about travel details.
  • Our search algorithm enables us to select the most suitable travel options according to style, comfort and activity.
  • Our goal is to ensure that you get the most affordable price without extra fees and charges and that you stay in direct contact with the tour organizer.
  • There are over 2 000 responses available on the website and you can get relevant feedback from the travelers who have been on the tour you are interested in.

How do you book a tour?


- Select your desired destination;
- Set your desired travel dates;
- Use the filters to specify the travel details;
- Select one or several tours suitable to you.


- Read feedback details and learn details about the travel expert;
- Find out what is included (not included) in the cost of the tour;
- Review the tour program and select the one that suits you most.


- Press ‘Write to the Travel Expert’ on the tour page;
- Ask all pertinent questions;
- If you feel like talking with your travel agent you can request him or her to call you back with the service providing the voice communication option.


- You can activate any suitable messenger service in the upper corner;
- If your travel expert confirms your booking and has covered all travel details, get directly to the payment details in the chatbox;
- Or press ‘Get to Payment’ on the tour page.


Simply fill in the details of all travelers and select bank card as the payment method, then hit "Make a Booking".

Please note that
At our website you will be charged no extra cost – only the price quoted by the travel expert.
The tour price that you can see is valid only for the current time period. If you like it, we recommend that you pay for the tour right away. If it becomes invalid, it may become invalid.


To pay for the tour, please punch in the bank card details on the payment page.

Payments are secured
A payment will be processed via a bank server using the CVV2-code.



The booking details on your order will be emailed to you and saved in your profile.  

Print the following before your flight:  
- Flight fare (tickets will be obtained by yourself);  
- A letter with confirmation (information from the website);  
- A medical insurance policy;  

Make sure you have arranged the meeting place with the travel expert before you fly.   

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