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Small group tours benefits
Rather than a large tour operator, small group tours are organized by an independent private guide (travel expert).

Each tour is unique as the travel expert:
  • аdapts not only to the most appropriate season in the country but to the desires of a specific traveler group;
  • сovers the route himself or herself more than once and knows all its details prior to offering it to you.
Our website offer a wide selection of small group tours. Everyone will find a tour to their liking.

  • you will get a packaged program for each day and in advance clear up all details with your travel expert;
  • you will get to know the length and width of the country and feel like a resident;
  • you will set out on an exciting trip with a large group of new friends;
  • you will find soul mates and people you can identify with.

How do you choose your small group tour?
  • you select the tour fitting your development aspirations and interests (a yoga tour, a study tour, a surfing tour and other tours);
  • depending on your needs, you can choose the tour based on the activity scale. With tours ranging from  relaxing to extreme;
  • write directly to several travel experts and ask directly all pertinent questions;
  • read all the feedback from the previous participants and review photo reports.
Over 1 200 small group tours are available at